News from Toller Secrets:


Emma gave birth to tree little girls

All puppies are spoken for


How lovely it is waiting for this litter

All the puppies have left the nest and gone to there forever homes. We will mis them!


Amy deliverd 3 girls and 3 boys! we are in love!!

All puppies are spoken for.


Emma deliverd some fine puppies

3 girls and 5 Boys 

We are so pleased with that





Elly en Barlow have great news


Amy has dilivered us some fine puppies.

4 girls and 1 boy.

Mother and children are doing great.

Meenwhile the new parents have come to cuddle with them.

18-4-2021: Big News!

Barlow and Amy have great news for us.

No more puppies available.


Guusje deliverd 6 beautifull puppies!

4 gents and 2 girls



Owen and Guusje played the game of love.

Hopefully we get some puppies soon!



-Emma gave birth to a litter of 9 puppies. 

Today Emma gave birth to 5 boys and 4 girls 

Mother and childs are well 

Christmas eve(24-12-2019)

Emma went to Saverne to meet with Find.

 We are hoping for puppies at the end of Februari.



Guusje gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies today

4 females and 2 males.

Unfortunately, 1 female didn't make it and died on July 15
The 5 other puppies are in good health and are growing fast



Yes,......Guusje is expecting puppies how much that is a good question.


The mating between Guusje and Barlow took place. lets hope for the best.


we have received a positive rating from the NSDTRCN for the mating of Guusje and Barlow


we hope to have a litter in the summer





happy News

Owen comes to live with us.

After a few trips to Suzy Las to get to know each other and to cuddle with the pups.          He was allowed to make the big journey to the Netherlands.

We thank Anna for her good care during the ffirst months of his life.



Barlow is officially ready for mating.


Barlow is assested excellent on the dogshow bleiswijk in Hazerswouderdorp. 

So proud of our boy





Today, the last families have chosen. The names are known and the colors are divided


A Sad day for our kennel. We had to let go of Saartje.   Rest in peace pritty girl


Guusje delivered 7 beautiful puppies 4 boys and 3 girls


For the ffirst foto's look at Litter D in the menu


Guusje and Duckinson Like The Night Have had an amusing day in Saverne, France on July 25th.

We expect, when everything goes well, the puppies will come in the beginning of October.


Pitty,  there is no place on the waitinglist anymore 



We will be present at the next shows:



September 30th, dogshow Maastricht MECC exhibition hal

November 4th, dogshow Bleiswijk  in het Plantarium, Hazerswoude-dorp